Who is the Customer?

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran an article that announced that General Motors was talking to a number of electric utilities in anticipation of the introduction of the Chevy Volt in 2 years.

Wait a second!  GM is talking to Electric Companies!?!?!?  Why?  Aren’t we taught that the only thing that we need to focus on and think about is the customer?  
The fact is today good entrepreneur’s treat everyone as a customer.   As mentioned in the article “Automakers need the cooperation of utilities since they control the new technology’s primary fuel — electricity — and must make sure that the vehicle’s recharging process mesh with the electricity grid and don’t inadvertently undermine grid reliability”  
The bottom line is many people can and do contribute to your success… consumers, vendors, partners… people all around you.  If you treat everyone like a customer and have them help you think through your issues you are bound to be more successful.
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