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The Power of Zero

I have about 5 different email accounts and actually 2 separate email boxes and I receive over 200 emails a day. I work very hard to keep up with the email and dispose of them either by responding, filing or deleting as quickly as possible. Having said that up until about 1 month ago I always had between 20 and 40 emails in each box waiting to be acted on. Some of them could be over a month old. It was my electronic to do list.

Then I told my daughter that I was going to get down to ZERO. I worked all weekend and would give her updates. “I’m down to 18, down to 7”. Eventually I got to Zero. I responded to those that I could and added some new tasks to my to do list and then filed the emails that I couldn’t immediately respond to. It has been liberating. I no longer have this huge pile hanging over me every time I open my email. I am much more productive, I get back to people sooner and I feel better about what I have accomplished. Oh yeah, and things don’t get lost.

You should try it.


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