451 Marketing – AJ Gerritson

I was thinking about AJ’s discussion with the class and had a few random thoughts that I wanted to share.

First AJ was not the presenter that I thought that he would be. Please don’t think of this as criticism but here is a guy who works in marketing, is constantly speaking at conferences and schmoozing clients. I was expecting a loud and larger than life speaker. But he wasn’t. To me, he came across as quiet and sincere. And it worked for him. It just goes to show that you have to be yourself and not someone’s expectation of you.

The deeper reflection that I had was when AJ spoke about the number of decisions that you need to make to start a company. There are 1000’s of them and most you don’t need to sweat – what type of card stock do you want for your business cards. But the funny thing is that there will be dozens – not every day, but over the course of the company – that are make it or break it. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a sign that says “this decision is a big one”. Sometimes they are easy to recognize but it many cases you won’t recognize their importance until months or years later when you reflect back on what happened. Good entrepreneurs can intuitively sort out the 95% of decisions into critical or garbage piles and then worry about the critical and the maybe critical ones. They also have a tremendous ability that once a decision is made they move on and don’t look back.

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you made the right call, you have to deal with what is in front of you and not obsess about the decisions that were made in the past.

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