Mixergy – Kyle Weins – Invent The Life That You Love

Kyle Weins is someone that I would love to have speak to class. He started “I Fix It” from his dorm room. He started out selling parts for MacBooks to make some money to buy a projector. While doing that he listened to his customers who were telling him that they needed manuals, so he and his partner wrote the service manuals. But a funny thing happened, even though his customers said they wanted them only 45 bought them. You see the customers didn’t think that they should have to pay for them. So Kyle made them PDF’s and put them online for free. He then got over 10,000 hits over a few days and business took off.

He realized that he couldn’t afford to write manuals for every product so they developed a Wiki tool that would allow their users to create and edit the manuals. This is an extremely elegant solution that they stumbled on accidentally. The internet is littered with companies that tried to create Wikis but no one ever came to them. I Fix It primed the pump by creating the first manuals and then as customers came to the site to buy parts they were able to enhance the Wikis, which makes them more valuable and gets more people to come to the site.

They have been in business about 8 years and are now doing over $4 million in sales. Andrew Walker, the host and founder of Mixergy, was asking Kyle in the interview about the early days and he used the phrase “Invent the life that you love” about Kyle and I Fix It. It resonated with me as it is what most Entrepreneurs are trying to do. It was inspiring to hear someone talk passionately about doing it.

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