For the past few weeks many of you have shared with me your political preferences.  So I assume that you want to hear mine.

Today I voted for 2 reasons: Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility (also Cat and Alex).

This country was founded on the principle of individual freedom.  Freedom to do, be, worship whatever you want.  It doesn’t matter if it is choosing what type of healthcare you want to buy or what type of lightbulb you want brighten your day.  Freedom to allow individuals to make their own choices is what has made this country the most dynamic and successful country ever.  I voted for the candidates who I believe embodies this ideal.  One candidate believes that Washington knows best what cars we should drive, what types of insulation we should have, what health care we want.  Fundamentally, he believes that a few people can make decisions for all of us.  The other candidate knows based on real world experience that individual decisions made in the marketplace of ideas result in the best outcomes.   Or put another way as Ronald Reagan said “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is our problem.”

The second reason is fiscal responsibility.  Today even if we don’t want to admit it we are at a crisis point fiscally.  We have $16 Trillion in acknowledged debt, we have a Medicare system that will fail in the next few years and an unsustainable social security system.  Our current leaders refuse to talk about these challenges.  This administration ignored their own deficit reduction commission and rather than trying to work together ridiculed Paul Ryan for even bringing up the subject.  He has stated that “Romney’s math doesn’t work”.  Well, Mr. President, that may be up for debate but what isn’t up for debate is your math.  We can’t discuss it because you haven’t even submitted your homework. 

For the last century this country has been “The last best hope on earth” and I believe that it can continue to be.  I can see hope in my international students who come here because they know this is the place where they can pursue their dreams.  To them it still is the land of opportunity.  I believe Mitt Romney, Scott Brown and Sean Bielat have shown that they will take these issues seriously.  They will allow us to pass on to our children a dynamic and resourceful place that will continues to be the last best hope on earth.  That is the least that I can do for Cat and Alex.



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