Post Office

I was just watching the head of the USPS interviewed about the plan to “Save the Post Office” on CNBC.  With everything that they are trying to get approved (stopping Saturday delivery, closing locations, etc) he admitted that it isn’t enough to make the post office profitable.  He stated that it’s all about Health Care costs but these are mandated by union contracts.

That’s the big problem with the government running something.  There is no accountability to the bottom line.  If this was a private enterprise instead of playing around the edges they would radically reform their “Cadillac Health Plan”, they would go to every other day delivery (M/W/F and T/T/S) and reduce their workforce considerably.  But when you don’t have to go to investors or the market to explain how you are going to make a return on the investment you can paint around the edges and say “We are trying REAL hard.” and think that is enough.


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