The Birth of Redbox


Yesterday, I found out that an old colleague of mine is leaving Redbox.  He wasn’t just any old person at Redbox, he was the founder.  He saw the company that he created change an industry.

The way that he built Redbox was inspiring, he started out with one idea, listened to the customer and pivoted based on customer feedback.  Over the last 11 years he has created what is arguably one of the two most important companies in the movie business (Netflix being the other). No they don’t make movies but they can MAKE a movie.  If you can get into their machine your movie is made.  Any where that he goes across America he is bound to run into one of his machines.  I wonder how he feels when he sees that ubiquitous red box.  

Now as he leaves the company I can’t imagine the emotion that he is feeling not only leaving the scores of people that he has worked with, but leaving his “baby”, the idea that became the industry.



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