Crazy Airline Pricing

Airlines have long been known for their crazy pricing rules.  This has caused frequent travelers to do things like “Bridging Tickets” or getting off an itinerary at a hub to save money.  However, recently with the rise of carriers like Jet Blue, Virgin America and Southwest pricing has become more rational.  This is true domestically but today I had an experience that proved that it isn’t yet true internationally.

I booked a business class ticket from JFK to Paris to Boston on American Airlines that cost me $2900.  I then tried to book a ticket for my daughter to join me on the Paris to Boston leg and the cost came back at $5400!  Wait, are you kidding me?!?  Almost twice the cost for half the trip.  

But it gets weirder.  American and British Airways code share so I could book her on the exact same plane but as a British Airways passenger at $2900.  So, the same price for one way as for the round trip.  Still not great but better.

How can they justify this?  Who comes up with these things?  For maybe the first time I have no answer.


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