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Market Research

Great Quote from Rene Lacerte founder of on  “You can’t do market research to find out what customers want.  Customers don’t know what they want”

The interview captures the iterative process for a start up.  Rene speaks very clearly about creating a “Push Cart” in a very challenging industry (software) where you wouldn’t think it was possible.



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Post Office

I was just watching the head of the USPS interviewed about the plan to “Save the Post Office” on CNBC.  With everything that they are trying to get approved (stopping Saturday delivery, closing locations, etc) he admitted that it isn’t enough to make the post office profitable.  He stated that it’s all about Health Care costs but these are mandated by union contracts.

That’s the big problem with the government running something.  There is no accountability to the bottom line.  If this was a private enterprise instead of playing around the edges they would radically reform their “Cadillac Health Plan”, they would go to every other day delivery (M/W/F and T/T/S) and reduce their workforce considerably.  But when you don’t have to go to investors or the market to explain how you are going to make a return on the investment you can paint around the edges and say “We are trying REAL hard.” and think that is enough.

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The Power of Zero

I have about 5 different email accounts and actually 2 separate email boxes and I receive over 200 emails a day. I work very hard to keep up with the email and dispose of them either by responding, filing or deleting as quickly as possible. Having said that up until about 1 month ago I always had between 20 and 40 emails in each box waiting to be acted on. Some of them could be over a month old. It was my electronic to do list.

Then I told my daughter that I was going to get down to ZERO. I worked all weekend and would give her updates. “I’m down to 18, down to 7”. Eventually I got to Zero. I responded to those that I could and added some new tasks to my to do list and then filed the emails that I couldn’t immediately respond to. It has been liberating. I no longer have this huge pile hanging over me every time I open my email. I am much more productive, I get back to people sooner and I feel better about what I have accomplished. Oh yeah, and things don’t get lost.

You should try it.

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