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Thuuz – Warren Packard at Stanford

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series is one of my favorite podcasts on Entrepreneurship. They have great speakers speaking of very relevant topics.

Today, I am sitting in Southern California listening to Warren Packard speak about his experiences and how it lead him to his new startup Thuuz. Warren has a varied backgroud; Engineer, Business School, Venture Capitalist and now startup (he got the order wrong.)

There are two things that he mentioned that I take away from his talk. The first I have heard before and it is Team vs. Idea. He comes down strongly on the team side. You can improve an idea, but we are who we are so the team is the team.

The second I found more thought provoking. It was around Perfection vs. Imperfection. Where on the scale does your start up idea fall. If it is in the area of space travel or medical devices then you better be shooting for perfection. If it is an iPhone App than it doesn’t need to be perfect, you need to get it out fast so that you can learn. Where is your idea?


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